About Us

About Us

Sky-Photos.net is a photo blogging website that shares photographs and videos shot from the sky through camera drones, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Our focus is on breaking down each shot and analyzing how it was taken, in order to help budding aerial photographers improve their game.

Aerial Photography is a skill that can only be mastered after a lot of practice, usually working under an experienced aerial photographer.

Everyone knows that a picture alone explains a lot about itself, but when we combine a photograph with related information from the photographer, it becomes a great way to teach people how to take the same quality shot.

The latest aerial photography technique includes the use of human-piloted camera drones. Drones not only save time and money for a photographer, they can take shots that no human has ever taken.

Our goal is to share with you the latest aerial photographs, videos, and aerial photography technique so anyone can understand how to shoot great sky photos.

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