Use of Personal Drones in Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

With the advent of emerging drone technology, drones are no longer a reserve for military use only but their applications have also spread far and wide. One such application that has grown immensely over time is the use of drones in aerial photography.

In recent years, camera technology and drone technology have both become inseparable in fact the emergence of smartphones has made this convergence advance at a remarkable rate.

As the core components for drones and cameras become extremely smaller and more powerful, it will soon be easier for drones to carry professional-grade photography equipment that is sophisticated.

The future of personal drones

Aerial PhotographyEver since the era of photography, it has always been every photographer’s dream to capture the world from above, presenting it from a different view and from a new angle, this leads to the emergence of aerial photography.

From history, photographers used several means of achieving this mission and it involved sending cameras up with inflated balloons, use of pigeons or even kites. However, in recent times, the advent of personal drones will present viewers with a new aerial perspective of the planet than ever before.

It is important to note that at the moment only a few people are able to fly personal drones. But soon, this trending technology will infiltrate our skies with flying cameras and perhaps become commonplace.

A new and unique viewpoint

Aerial PhotographyWith drone photography, we can now have a new way of contextualizing objects as compared to traditional ground photography.

With its flexibility, they let us see a wider view of our subjects such as a whole forest, not just the trees. With its ability to either pull back or forth, orientate at different angles, you can capture an image of a given object in its entirety and an incredible perspective.

Moreover, this is made possible with a platform that can weigh much less than your personal computer. Aerial photography is a new way of connecting our humanity as the views are usually mind-boggling, they are devices that can tell a story through an aerial shot and let us view our world anew.

Nonobtrusive way of photography

Aerial PhotographyThe best photographs are those taken without our subjects knowing it, they always remain natural and the view captured is real.

Drones have made this possible, a powerful drone camera can be used and this will enable it to capture objects at incredibly long distances. This is an inconspicuous way of operation, even having a drone hovering above can easily be forgotten that an observer is there or a camera is present.

The only drawback with this is that we will need more powerful cameras which at times come with a higher cost. Since we need the better capability, the use of a 3DR IRIS+ camera, for example, is necessary. This is capable of carrying a GoPro and a stabilizing gimbal.

Getting started

Aerial PhotographyDrones offer the best way to capture aerial photographs that were once difficult and deemed impossible very easily. To acquire the same effect before, you had to use a helicopter or a plane which was obviously not easy for everyone.

Besides, these available options were both risky and expensive, other alternatives such as tall buildings were just static points and never offered any flexibility. For a starter, you can buy 3DR drones which are inexpensive and have got low-risk; they offer varied freedom of movement and range.

3DR drones are easy to fly as they are automated and have tablet-based control capabilities which make a flying mission an easy task. Some of the applications of drone photography today that are on the rise are in the real estate sector, mapmaking, and agriculture.

As technology advances, we may end up having a reversal where cameras can control the drones based on its requirement and what to shoot.

What does aerial perspective mean to us?

With the emergence of aerial photography, it has come with a lot of interesting outcomes; it is now possible to view our subjects from a completely different perspective as compared to traditional ground photography.

Watching a soccer game through a drone video is captivating; you can see the entire field with a lot of clarity as if you were viewing from above. Drones may open up the way we view objects with a new aerial perspective.

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