Aerial Video Shows an Amazing View of Dubai

Arial Videography

Drones are undoubtedly the most powerful tools for making drone aerial videos, as long as your settings are just right. This drone video of Dubai’s aerial skyline is spectacular as well as breathtaking, captured with a powerful camera drone; the aerial tour of Dubai shows some of the magnificent marvels of modern architecture.

With drone aerial videos, we can now be able to view the world from a different angle with a full 3D dimension. Some of the great features and the techniques that have made this drone video exceptionally epic are as follows.

Video Techniques To Use With A  Camera Drone

Source:  Nero Chan

From the drone video, it is clear to see that different effects are created by the leveraging time of day.

The lighting effect on the video varies from the daytime when the sun is angled nicely on the subject of focus to the golden hour of sunrise and sunset.

The daytime light creates shadows that make the structures and objects look real and natural.

The videographer using the golden hour of sunrise and sunset has brought out a warm effect of the golden and yellow lights and long shadows that make the video look beautiful.

Exceptional Location

Due to the location of this beautiful city to the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, the drone video has captured this feature with a lot of detail.

The great aerial view of the coastline of the Persian Gulf creates a very magnificent and amazing video shot.

As the coastline merges with the mainland, the deep blue color of the water fades as it blends so well to the mainland creating the most beautiful transition of color.

Focus On Architecture

The rich collection of buildings with different architectural designs depicted in this video graces Dubai skyline in style, and it is a big attraction.

One most incredible building is the Burj Al Arab, standing tall on an artificial island and mimicking a sailing of a boat.

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of this video is the ability of the videographer to capture a blend of the Pertain Gulf waters, the sky, and the mainland all in one shot.

Angle Of The Shot

This video captures an aerial view of Dubai city both from different angles and orientations. The city skyline presented from a side angle view gives 3-D images with enormous effects introducing near real images of the focal subject.

The desert view is shown both from a high angle and then the orientation changes to side view. The quality is so perfect and to detail that you can be able to trace the vehicle tire marks on the sand.

Night Skyline

One of the most epic and eye-catching features of this Drone video is its night skyline. It shows the sky and Dubai city down below at night. What attracts most is the beautiful sparkling lighting of the city at night.

The varying colors of the lighting beatify Dubai’s skyline at night with great admiration, especially the lighting formation is shown in one part of the drone aerial video shot.

Use Correct Lens

The camera drone used for this videography mission is exceptionally excellent as it has presented a beautiful video of Dubai’s skyline with different aerial orientations. The zooming effects have been used to zoom in and out the focal points to precision.

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