The Best Drone Accessories That Make Great Gifts

Here is a list of accessories that any drone pilot or drone enthusiast may want as a gift.

camera drones and accessories

If you own a drone, you certainly need some accessories that can help you enjoy the extensive experience of your beautiful gadget. Drones are perfect for photography, but they can unexpectedly crash and spoil your day. When a drone crashes, its propellers, for instance, are damaged.

Therefore, as the Christmas holiday approaches, you can consider buying your loved one drone accessories as gifts. However, you should ensure that you purchase these types of Christmas gifts for someone who is a drone enthusiast. You can also obtain such gifts for someone who intends to get a drone this festive season.

There are various drone accessories that you can consider to buy for your dearest person. As such, this guide gives you a hint of some of the best drone accessories you can buy as Christmas gifts. These spares can help to keep your drone functioning well while at the same time protecting it against damage.

1. Waterproof Carrying Bag Case

If you want to maintain your camera drone in good working condition, you must keep it away from moisture or rain. The Powerextra waterproof carrying bag case is the ideal Christmas present that you can get for someone who loves drones. If you are traveling, you need to make sure that your drone is safe.

The waterproof traveling backpack features aspects like double EVA protection. It protects your drone from damage during movement while you are carrying it on your back. The carry bag also consists of scratch-free material that helps to maintain your drone in good appearance.

Every time you know that your drone is safe when you are out in a place with rough terrain. The backpack has lightweight which makes it portable for outdoor sports. The pack is suitable for long hiking trips since it is easy to carry. The bag carrying case is fit for Standard Quadcopter Drone, DJI 3 professional, advanced drone, and other accessories.

drone accessories carrying case

The backpack has a beautiful design that makes it attractive and it is also easy to clean. If you buy someone this waterproof carrying bag, they will forever cherish the present. The backpack comes in black color, and it also has side pockets and a double zipper. You can store other things like an iPad or smartphone in the back pocket.

The carry bag is affordable, and it costs approximately $43. The other important aspect is that the product has 30 days money back and the customers also get 12 months guarantee. When you buy this product, you get full, and you can also enjoy friendly customer service for 24 hours.

2. Phantom 3 Intelligent Battery

The primary challenge of flying a drone you can experience pertains to the aspect of power. Many drone batteries have an average flight time of about 15 minutes. This time may not be enough when you are doing your favorite flying sport.

The Phantom 3 intelligent battery comes in handy since it helps to enjoy flying for an extended period. It has a simple slide-in design, and it does not have wires or plugs that are difficult to connect. This product is undoubtedly going to make someone’s Christmas holidays memorable should you decide to buy it as a gift.

The smart battery has an original charge or discharge functionality that helps to protect your battery. When the battery is full, the charger automatically stops charging to ensure the safety of your battery. The other advantage of the cell is that it has a flight time of up to 23 minutes on a full charge.

The battery has four LEDs display that shows both the power remaining and the status of the cell. To enhance the protection of the battery, it has a balanced charging and integrated power management system. The system helps to maintain the battery in good working condition, and it gives you a warning when power is running low.

The battery costs about $50, and when you buy this particular product, you make sure that the recipient does not run out of power. The cell has sufficient power that can help to keep them happy in the skies.

3. LIPO Battery Safe Bag

Safety is always necessary if you enjoy flying a drone. If you have a spare battery, make sure that it is safe from unfavorable conditions such as excessive heat. Such conditions can lead to an unexpected explosion that can cause injuries.

The advantage of buying a LIPO (Lithium Polymer) safe battery bag is that it has both fireproof and explosion-proof material. The carry bag is, and it has a beautiful design. The safe bag is a convenient way of protecting your LiPo battery during charging or storage when traveling.

drone accessories battery safe case

A safe LiPo battery bag for a drone is a good Christmas idea that can help improve safety when carrying accessories.  The price of the product is affordable since it only costs approximately $10. When you buy this product, it will be an excellent gesture to someone to show how much you care for him.

The other important thing you can consider buying someone as a Christmas present is a portable solar charger. When your battery runs out of power, you can use a spare one while the other recharges using solar energy. The advantage of a solar charger is that you can use it anywhere and it is very convenient. A car charger is good, but certain places are not accessible to a vehicle.

5. Drone Tool Kit

The drone toolkit is an excellent thing to have since it helps you to make necessary adjustments to your device. Things such as reassembling the motor and making other altercations do not require a specialist in drone maintenance. You only need a particular toolkit that can make your flying experience great and incident-free.

drone accessories small took kitThe toolkit has a screwdriver to remove and reassemble motors of the drone. The kit is portable, and the tools are robust such that they can last you for years. A toolkit is a special gift for a true hobbyist since it can help you fix things after a mishap.

The toolkit is a must-have, and it costs about $16 only. You can make someone’s Christmas great with this simple but vital gift. Various maintenance tasks of drones are simple since you need the right tools to perform the work.

6. FPV Drone Goggles

FPV drone goggles are essential to drone enthusiasts as they protect the pilot from the sun’s rays. When you are flying the drone for racing, you need to view how it performs in the air continually. However, the rays from the sun can affect your vision hence the need for Fat Shark goggles.

Goggles also give the pilot a clear view of the racing drone in the air. When you are wearing goggles, you get a feeling of someone in the cockpit. The glasses give you unmatched visual performance with adjustable vision. The goggles also have a 37-degree diagonal view of the field such that you can get a clear vision of the flight.

drone accessories FPV goggles

FPV goggles also allow a friend to closely follow the flight as long as he has a pair of glasses. In other words, two people can enjoy the fun of watching a single drone racing in the sky. FAT Shark goggles are the best for racing, and they also have a good design that makes them attractive.

FPV goggles are good to buy as a Christmas present for someone since they help improve his flying experience. Serious racers need something that will significantly improve their vision. However, you should know that a pair of FPV goggles cost about $500. The price is costly, but the receiver of the Christmas gift will enjoy the value for money.

7. Drone Carry Case

The other noble Christmas present you can buy for someone is a carry case. This particular item has a unique design to accommodate your drone so that it is not damaged when you carry it to different places. While many drone manufacturers offer carry-cases as part of the regular purchase, some ask you to pay extra for a bag.

drone accessories protective carry case

There are different types of carrying cases, but they have unique designs to fit different drones. Versatile drone cases are portable, and they are durable such that you can use them for more extended periods. The prices of varying carry cases range from about $20 and vary depending on various factors.  Compact carry cases that are also durable have higher rates compared to other similar products.

8. Video Editing Software

At times you do not necessarily need to wrap a special present to your loved one this coming Christmas. For instance, a video editing software package is a great Christmas gift that you can get for someone who is a drone enthusiast. There are different software packages for video editing purposes.

When you buy such a software package for someone, he can also improve his experience in photography. To enhance the quality of photos and videos you shoot using a drone; you also need good software to edit them. When you write the videos and pictures, you improve their quality as well as your experience in the field of photography.

The prices of video processing software significantly differ since there are different types. Starting from about as little as $20, you can get a particular type of video editing software that can make someone’s Christmas special.

9. Extra Blades And Motors For The Drone

Drones are bound to crash, and in such cases, blades are damaged, and you may not get them from the crash site. You can consider buying parts that are susceptible to damage like the blades. Some of these parts are universal, but you need to know the critical features of the drone.

You can also consider the aspect of the brand and accessibility of accessories of the model if you decide to buy a new thing. It is essential to consider the availability of spare parts for the drone-like motors and blades.

10. EpochAir Flying Ball RC Toy

The RC toy is unique in that it has balancing poles that show light if you turn the remote on. You can control the flight of the ball with your hand by merely putting it underneath the ball when it shoots up.

drone accessories flying ball with blades

The gadget will interact with your hand such that you can direct it to different places. The device is suitable for a Christmas present, especially for kids. The invention is also ideal for use by adults especially during holiday gatherings like Christmas. It has a total flying time of about eight minutes, and it is just beautiful and attractive for fun.

Consider Buying A New Drone!

A final option as a gift apart from considering drone accessories as Christmas gifts for your loved ones, buying a new drone is not a bad idea. A new drone for someone is undoubtedly the most pleasant gift for Christmas, and the drone enthusiast will love it. When you decide to buy a new drone, you need to consider a few factors so that you can make the right decision.

If you want to buy a drone for an amateur, you should consider something that is easy to fly. Make sure that you get a product with basic features and easy to operate to avoid crashing it when one is still a learner. On the other hand, you can consider aspects like battery life when you decide to buy a drone for an experienced person.

The aspect of price is also critical when you decide to buy a drone as a Christmas present for someone. Some drones are more expensive than the others, so you need to get something that will not offset your budget. Drones perform similar functions though they have slight differences.

The other thing you can consider is the purpose of the drone. If the hobby drone is for racing purposes only, then it does not necessarily need to be complicated. It should have basic features that can help the pilot gain flying experience. When the drone is for video or photography, then you can consider aspects like the quality of the camera.

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