Dolphins and Whales at Dana Point: Video Captured by a Drone

Aerial Videography

This drone video captured by Capt. Dave at Dana point California goes a long way to depict the use of drones in drone videography.

It is the most compelling 5-minute video taken by use of a drone over dolphin stampede and whales off Dana point and Maui.

Capturing this breathtaking footage is like entering a new dimension and getting the best shots from a different perspective with an ingenious technology.

The use of drones will undoubtedly change the way we view the world as the video shows, being launch from an inflated boat above the deep blue waters.

Some of the unique techniques that describe the success and beauty of this piece of artwork are as follows:

Good location

The success of having a great drone videos photography session depends on the location. In this video, for example, the photographer has chosen the beautifully looking Dana point California and placed his drone above a dolphin stampede that was in progress prior to its launch.

The deep blue color of the water adds to the natural look and shows everything to detail including the gentle waves caused by the dolphins in action.

Horizon and use of skyline

In this drone video, the use of the aerial skyline and the horizon in the background has enhanced its great look. Usually, we don’t ever capture such a feature in ground photography which much details as may be seen in this video.

The distant horizon showing a bit of a mountain feature at the background has immensely improved the look of this video.

360-degree orientation

The most outstanding great feature of this drone photography is its ability to capture the scene in a complete 360-degree orientation.

As can be seen, the photographer is able to present the dolphin action from various angles hence adding to its great quality.

The shots vary the viewing angle from directly up above to enabling the viewer to see the scene from an angle while maintaining a full 3D image.

Lighting conditions

The sunshine light in this video has added to it a natural uniqueness; the effect of the light as it strikes the waters down below has also contributed to the great quality of this video.

The reflection on the water has generated a sparkling effect as the beautiful mother Humpback Whale and its calf wade gently through the calm deep blue waters.

This gives a very spectacular look on this video and hence adds up to its richness in color instead of an all dull blue look.

Right optic lenses

From this video, it is arguably clear to see that the camera lens used for this videography mission was just perfect.

The photographer has chosen the best optic lenses for this mission and the great result is out there for all to see. The images and action captured in this drone video are both sharp and detailed, the cool color shade of the water is eye-catching and beautiful.

It is also worth noting that the drone captured the high-quality video of the focal point in motion with precision and with smoothness. Also, the ability of the drone to vary the altitudes from high to low was just perfect.


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