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Applications and Techniques For Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Types

There are two basic forms of aerial photography with each having its unique uses and applications:

  1. Oblique
  2. Vertical

Even though technology has gone to a new level, digital world, black and white images still have their space. They are preferred in imaging because they make it possible to contrast and pick out certain features in photography when white, black and gray are involved.

Another reason for their use in the digital imaging world is because they are inexpensive.

Oblique Aerial Photography

In this category of aerial photography, one takes images at an angle which in most cases is 45 degrees. However, one can take these images at any other angle, and this is possible to do manually, provided there is the best view of the landscape.

It is possible to capture a wider and deeper context of a feature plus the surrounding area when using oblique, and for this is the primary reason for its use in archaeology.

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